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Metaverse and the future of weddings

Hello Metaverse: What the future of weddings could look like

The wedding industry has progressed significantly throughout the years and continues to evolve. We’ve moved away from the traditional weddings and many of the old customs. Couples are opting for more convenience and one-of-a-kind and personalized tributes.

Prior to 2020, online wedding wasn’t really considered to be a real deal. However, following the epidemic, shopping, meetings, and social activities have all shifted online, and now many countries including the UAE has made it lawful for couples to hold virtual weddings.

Today; we discuss the future of what online weddings could look like; thanks to the introduction of the new world of Metaverse.

What is MetaVerse

The metaverse is the next step in social networking launched by Mark Zuckerberg. In the metaverse, 3D places will allow you to socialize, learn, work, collaborate, and create your own new avatars in ways we can’t even envision.

In a nutshell, its the idea of a centralized virtual world, a “place” parallel to the physical world. With majority of us spending time most of our time online; Metaverse is here to bring together the world of virtual reality with real human connections.

How your online wedding could take place in the near future

If you have ever considered having your wedding via Zoom, with all of your friends and family there. Your virtual wedding might now happen in the Metaverse. This means you could rent a virtual space for your wedding and invite all of your friends and family members there. That’s not it! You can even buy your spouse a wedding ring and propose to her in front of your family members.

Make guest interactions enjoyable, interesting, and memorable. Make eye contact with your visitors as though they were in the room with you. Place experience zones using QR codes or GPS coordinates at certain areas. Create your own virtual space by collecting digital stuff. Make your wedding a beach, mountain, or seaside affair.

The first wedding in the Metaverse world

The Metaverse is a brave new world of virtual experiences; and we at Easy Weddings is proud to be organizing the 1st of its kind wedding in it. Our founders; Florian and Liz are familiar names within the wedding industry especially in helping expat couple tie the knot.

After marrying hundreds of couples over the past 2 years; and helping them wit their legal wedding problems. The company now aims to get their foot into the world of Metaverse and take online weddings to a whole new level.

The first Metaverse wedding would take place on the 19th May, 2022 with the presence of a few invited guests and press. And the couples to be tying the knot would be none other than the founders themselves.

Share this article with your friends and family who are tech enthusiastic. And if you want to attend the first Metaverse wedding; drop us a direct message and we’ll get your invitees sorted.

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