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Helping you with everything related to court marriage online process


Finally, you have decided to get married to your loved one. Marriages are considered to be the best relationship that binds two souls together. For those living in UAE, there are new rules introduced by the government for filling for civil marriage. Are you still not able to register for the court marriage? Let’s know more about the court marriage online process:

Who is allowed to marry under the new law?

To apply for a civil union, the couples need not live in the United Arab Emirates. No matter where they reside, tourists are urged to get married in a civil ceremony. You can apply online, in person or with the help of wedding planners.

Please be aware, nevertheless, that you must fly to Abu Dhabi for the civil marriage ceremony after submitting your application.

Documents requirements for the court marriage online process.

Submission of the following documents is required:

There are multiple other prerequisites to fulfill expat marriages in Abu Dhabi.

Final Conclusions on marrying in Abu Dhabi

The new laws in Abu Dhabi makes it rather easy for expat couples to tie the knot. Although the lack of documents and busy schedules from the couples end could further delay the process.

The best way out is to hire an expert wedding consultant who does all the backend work for you so you can only focus on your partner and your big day.

Give us a call, and we will guide you completely with the court marriage online process.

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