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How Dubai foreigners can opt for an easy wedding in Georgia

For expat couples in Dubai, securing documents for both parties might be a longer process. A bride and groom with different nationalities and religions are most likely to have this issue. There’s an easy way out of this. A wedding in Georgia is an easy process.

Expats living in Dubai can easily get married in Georgia. Read on to find out how Dubai foreigners can opt for an easy wedding in Georgia and avoid the long wait.

Rules of Marriage in Dubai:

To proceed with the formalities of marriage, the couple should obtain a long list of documents. Among them are:

  • The Emirate ID or passport of both individuals
  • Birth certificates of both individuals
  • Residence permit (at least one of the parties should present this)
  • Fill out the marriage application form
  • Divorce and Death Certificates if any

Documents available in other languages must be translated into Arabic by a Dubai court. It is also necessary for the couple to undergo a pre-marriage test. It is therefore illegal in Dubai to engage in premarital sex.

A Guide For Dubai Expatriates On Wedding In Georgia:

The benefits of getting married in Georgia are numerous for expatriates living in Dubai:

  • Marriage certificates can be obtained within 24 hours of registering if the couple has the required legal documents.
  • There are no numerous documents required by Georgia’s marriage laws. Couples need only their passports, marriage application forms, and divorce certificates, if any, to hold their marriage. A witness is also required.
  • In Georgia, the cost of marriage registration varies according to the day of the week and the place of the transaction. Overall, getting married in Georgia is not expensive.
  • It is well known that Georgians are very welcoming to strangers. Even interfaith and interracial marriages can be enjoyed by expats.

Recommendations on Planning the Wedding in Georgia:

Although Dubai laws on marriage, might make the process a bit longer for expats; you can choose other alternatives. We recommend considering Georgia as your wedding destination due to its super fast and hassle-free marriage process.

Keen to know more about your wedding in Georgia Vs Dubai; book a call with our team to know more.

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