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How strict Abortion Laws in Dubai?

How strict are abortion laws in Dubai?

If you get pregnant in Dubai, it doesn’t matter whether you are a foreigner or a native. The strict rules of abortion are equal for both. Everyone is aware of how hard it is for women to reach out to safe and legal abortion services in Dubai.

What are the abortion laws in Dubai?

Aborting a pregnancy is a crime in Dubai unless these conditions must be met

  • If women’s survival rate is less
  • Having evidence of either baby will be born with fatal abnormalities or will have no chance of survival.

Termination of pregnancy is only allowed before 120 days or the 17th week of the pregnancy. Approval of an authorized medical board is highly required at this point. Undoubtedly, this act is not acceptable after 120 days of pregnancy. 

Steps Taken against Illegal Abortion

5 years of imprisonment shall be inflicted if any pregnant woman aborts it willfully through drugs or undergoes any other procedure that leads to abortion. Without her consent, she will be sentenced to seven years in prison.

Recommending the Best Solution for Pregnant Women outside of Wedlock:

The New Personal Laws of 2021 state that no discrimination will be provided to women who become pregnant outside of marriage. Although, couples have to remember that this might have serious long-term effects. 

There are many other alternatives that the mother of the child can opt for. For example; If starting a family has always been on their mind; they can consider getting married. Keep in mind that many countries, like Georgia and Seychelles, are the perfect alternatives to obtaining an official marriage license in two weeks. Rather than this, women who can’t go abroad have the option of a virtual ceremony.

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