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How to get married fast if I’m pregnant in the UAE?


If you are pregnant in the UAE and keen to get married fast; given the circumstances. This article will help you with the alternatives.

It wasn’t long ago that if you wanted to start a family or have a child in the UAE, you had to get married first. However, many expats have found themselves in precarious situations as a result of their failure to follow the law, and have been imprisoned on several instances.

Although the laws have now become comparatively a lot more easier; a lot of couples do opt for the much traditional route of getting married and avoiding any legal complications of giving birth in a foreign country. If might find yourself in that position while living in the UAE, then you must be looking to knowing how to get married if I’m pregnant? Let’s find out.


As per the UAE laws, it is essential that every couple has to undergo a medical screening test before getting married. This is to ensures that none of the partners have any STDs or any other genetic disease that can transfer. So, if you’re pregnant that you might end up getting it revealed in your medical tests as your hormones will be off the chart. But you can also get away with it without being noticed as they don’t specifically take any pregnancy test.


Yes, you heard it right. You’re still not in the safe zone even if your pregnancy is not revealed in your premarital test. That’s because that wedding procedure in the UAE does that considerably longer and can cost you several months.

With the recent pandemic and hoe countries shutting their borders on and off; it might take you even longer to send some document to your home country for legalization. So, with that much time, your pregnancy is often something that cannot be kept a secret for a long time.


The new law clearly states; that unmarried couples are now legally allowed to live together which has put a lot of expats couples at ease. This was done to accommodate the sentiments and cultural differences of the rising number of expats that come to establish a living in the UAE.

According to a Dubai based Ludmila Yamalova-Davis, who is a U.S qualified attorney, clarified the amended laws on pregnancy outside a wedlock stating;

Pregnancy outside marriage is no longer a crime as per the amended law and according to Federal Decree 15 of 2020

UAE Moments, 2021

The legal order is now states that all unmarried couples that are expecting a child need not leave the UAE but can apply for the birth certificate of their babies.

A marital certificate will no longer be needed for that either. The new laws also allows kids to have education and healthcare services like any other child being born in the UAE.

Unmarried women no longer have to flee UAE if pregnant

the, 2021


We do, however, advise you not to take any chances, especially with your future child’s health, and to choose for a destination wedding that is a little laxer on the regulations of pregnancy before marriage. Also, the paper work is far less time consuming.

Another alternative for you is to get married online, which eliminates the burden of travelling from one location to another.

If you are pregnant in the UAE and are struggling to get married fast; we’d love to advice you on this matter! Book a consultation and we might be able to guide you on your situation 🙂

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