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How to Get Married if I’m Pregnant in Dubai?


There is a famous saying that states “When in Rome, do as Roman’s do.” It simply means that you should abide by the rules of the place where you choose to live. Dubai is one of those places where people come from all over the world to make their living. It’s because of the opportunities that it has to offer.

But it came with a cost that required expats to follow some very strict rules especially when it comes to weddings to make a family. In the normal sense, one would normally find the love of their life, marry and plan a child. And if they are expecting a child before marriage; it wasn’t a big deal but in the UAE this was a punishable offense.

If you are a Pregnant Woman getting married in the UAE is now become a lot easier. Keep reading on:

Past Laws of a Pregnant Woman Getting Married in the UAE?

Every couple prior to getting married in the UAE is made to undergo a premarital screening test to make sure that they do not have an STD or any genetic disease. There was no rule to test the bride for pregnancy before marriage. And if the pregnancy was at a very early stage; brides could usually get away with it.

But let’s face it, when you’re pregnant, your hormones and other chemicals are off the chart. Therefore, there is a possibility that it could show up in their medical test. If somehow it does, this would get them into a lot of trouble.

Moreover, even if you get away with your medical test with your pregnancy unnoticed, the whole process of marrying is still remaining.

The Danger Zone Even You Got Through the Premarital Test!

Keep in mind that the wedding process in the UAE is very long and can easily take multiple weeks. Additionally, depending upon your nationality and unique situation it can also take even up to four months. And now because of the COVID-19, if you need to legalize and ship any extra document from your home country, they might just get stuck halfway as well. With that time, your pregnancy will be visible that can cost you more than you can imagine.

Moreover, you constantly need to see the doctor while pregnant and you never know how it will develop. That’s why you cannot take that chance as well if you are not able to marry and don’t have the necessary documentation.

Concluding on How to Get Married if I’m Pregnant?

With the emergence of Co-vid19 pandemic, several long-standing laws have been amended and modified; one of which is the Article 356 of the UAE penal code.

Basically, the act of consensual sex or pregnancy out of wedlock is no longer a crime as per the amended law and according to Federal Decree 15 of 2020

Lovin Dubai, 2021

Well, if you are more than lucky then you might get married as well in the UAE without being noticed.

Despite, the new laws that puts couples at ease; many of them are still opting for the traditional way out and choosing to get married before the baby arrives. These days there are many options to ensure the private lives of the couples are kept safe while couples opt for fast and easy weddings, destinations weddings or even an online wedding.

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