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How to get married in Dubai court: The step-by-step procedures


Muslim residents in Dubai are free to marry in the Dubai courts. The couple can use the family court nearest them. They also need to meet certain requirements that harmonize with Sharia law.

One foremost requirement of Sharia law is that the bride must give her written consent for the marriage to proceed. Also, her father or male kinsman has to be a signatory to the marriage.  As the discussion proceeds, we will further examine other requirements for marriage in Dubai.


The couple should obtain all the necessary papers to process their marriage before embarking on the marriage formalities. Foremost among these are:

  • The Emirate ID or passport
  • Birth certificates
  • Residence permit (at least one of the parties should present this)
  • Completed marriage application form
  • Divorce and Death Certificates if any

A Dubai court requires the translation of documents that are available in other languages to the Arabic language. The couple also needs to do a pre-marriage test. Therefore, they should abstain from premarital sex because it is considered a criminal offense in Dubai.


Muslim couples who wish to get married in a Dubai court can also opt for a Seychelles or online wedding. A wedding in Seychelles is great because their marriage laws do not expect a lot of documentation from the couples. Also, the marriage is fast and can be finished within a space of two weeks.

An online wedding is another good option because the process can be started online and completed within a short span of time. Couples who do not wish to go through physical stress can go for this.

If you wish to learn more about Seychelles and online wedding alternatives, the experts from our wedding agency will be glad to give you more useful tips.

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