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Is abortion legal in UAE ?


To answer this question; it is not UAE legal to have an abortion. Here’s what the laws state; Anyone who aborts a child or assists in the abortion of a child is guilty of a criminal offence.

Only if the pregnant woman’s or the child’s life is in danger can a pregnancy be terminated at any point. If the kid will not survive after birth, the pregnancy can be terminated if it is less than 120 days long. A court order may also be used to terminate a pregnancy.

Continue reading this article to know more abortion in the UAE; and our final recommendation for pregnant mothers.

Know the abortion law in UAE

Anyone who aborts a pregnancy and conspires to do so is guilty of a criminal offence, according to Article 340 of Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 concerning the issuance of the penal code.

This clearly states: “Anyone who wilfully aborts a pregnant woman by giving her drugs or using any other means that leads to abortion faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. If the offence is done without her agreement, she will be punished by being imprisoned for a period of not more than seven years.” accordingly to Khaleej times.

Concluding on the consequences of illegal abortion

Anyone who wilfully aborts a pregnant woman by giving her medication or through any other method that results in abortion faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail. If the offence is done without her consent, she will be punished by being imprisoned for a period of not more than seven years.

Recommendation for pregnant mothers outside a wedlock

The New personal Laws of 2021; states that women who are pregnant outside a marriage would be given all the lawful amenities and taken care off. However; let’s not forget the consequences of pregnancy outside marriage could be severe in the long haul.

Hence we recommend pregnant others; to consider alternative method such as marrying the father of the child; if the two have already discussed starting a family. Many countries such as Georgia and Seychelles make it rather easy for couples to fly down and get their marriage certificate in about 2 weeks.

If you expecting a sudden pregnancy; and marriage is on the cards; book a call with our team of expert legal wedding planners.

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