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Is marriage without travel possible

Is marriage without travel possible as Omicron spreads rapidly

The answer the questions; Is marriage without travel possible and the answer is ‘Yes’. Countries all around the world rushed to close their borders to African countries. This happened when the World Health Organization declared Omicron a concern in the last week of November.

To protect public health and limit the spread of the strain, many nations throughout the world, notably those in the Gulf region, have implemented travel restrictions.

This implies that marriages with large gatherings and ceremonies have come to a standstill once more, and couples must seek alternate solutions. In this post, we’ll go over the process of how you can get married without having to travel, which is known as internet marriage.

Is Marriage without travel possible for UAE residents

In order to combat the fatal coronavirus, earlier in 2020, the United Arab Emirates established an online marriage service. This allowed couples to marry despite restrictions on movement and interaction.

According to the UAE’s official news agency WAM, citizens and residents can schedule a date for an online wedding ceremony. The wedding would be conducted via video link with a cleric after their paperwork is submitted and accepted — also online.

Process of getting married online without travel

While submitting your documents to the embassy and consulate; it is important that couples ensure everything is place. That is why; an wedding agency like ours comes in hand.

Here’s what you should know about an online wedding; marriage without traveling

  • A team of experienced and qualified lawyers, as well as the marriage registrar, will oversee the entire process.
  • First. They’ll contact your embassy or consulate, and only if the embassy has no problems to the internet wedding will the process proceed.
  • Only your original passport is needed, and the wedding certificate we provide is completely legal and valid.
  • There will be no wedding ceremony because it is only the basic wedding paperwork.
  • It has absolutely nothing to do with your religion. You will not acquire a religious wedding certificate as a result of this.

Concluding on why UAE residents must opt for online weddings getting married is urgent

With the growing number of Omicron variations and countries opting to block borders, getting married in a foreign country appears to be too risky. In the midst of the pandemic, even getting married within the country could be cancelled at the last minute.

What one can be certain of is that, due to the nature of everything happening over the internet, online weddings may be less impacted.

Do you have questions if a marriage without travel is possible for you and your partner; book a free consultation with our team of wedding experts.

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