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Legal requirements of a wedding in Abu Dhabi

Everything you need to know about: Legal requirements of a wedding in Abu Dhabi Vs Dubai

Weddings can be consummated in the UAE by both nationals and expatriates. Islamic weddings in the UAE are governed by Sharia law, which apply to the following situations regardless of nationality:

While the law allows a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman, for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man he must show the proof of his Islam conversion.

Marriage of a Muslim in Abu Dhabi

The following are the most important legal conditions for Muslim marriages:

  • In the UAE, a marriage contract must be registered with a Sharia court.
  • The legal age for marriage is 18 years; otherwise, a judge must approve the marriage.
  • A spouse’s age should not be more than twice that of the other; else, the judge must approve the marriage.
  • A certificate of premarital screening is required.
  • The couple’s presence is necessary.
  • The bride’s father or his proxy, as well as two male Muslim witnesses, must be present.
  • The consent of a woman’s guardian is required for her to marry.
  • In the event that the father dies, the presence of the next closest male guardian, such as an elder brother, is necessary.
  • Women who have been divorced or widowed must show proof of their marital status.
  • If the bride is Muslim but her father is not, she will require a document from her embassy or consulate stating that there are no objections.

Marriage of a Non-Muslim in Abu Dhabi

Non-Muslims can complete their marriage formalities at the following locations:

  • Their country’s embassy or consulate in the UAE
  • A temple or church, depending on their religion.
    Some countries require nationals to file an intent to marry application with their embassy or consulate in the UAE.

You should check with your embassy and proceed as necessary. The marriage must be registered in both parties’ embassies in the UAE.

In Conclusion to planning a wedding in Abu Dhabi Vs Dubai

Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai make it quite easy to get married in the country with right papers. However, we’ve seen issues develop time and time again when one or both of the partners is from a foreign country or nationality.

What is the solution that we provide? We suggest couples to get professional assistance from professionals who can put your papers together for you, saving you time and reducing your anxiety. Another option is to marry in a country like Georgia or the Seychelles, which are open to allowing couples from various ethnic groups and religions.

Are you confused about your wedding in Abu Dhabi; and would love to get some assistance. Do not hesitate to book a free consultation from our team of experts.

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