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Marrying in Seychelles as a UAE Expat

Marrying in Seychelles as a UAE expat; here’s 3 things to keep in mind

Due to the tideous documentation, paperwork and long wait for dates at the Dubai court; many expats are now choosing to get married in Seychelles.

However while planning a wedding away from home; many items on the checklist will require your undivided attention. Many things can go wrong, from wedding locations to bridal gowns. Because the venue you choose plays such an important role in your wedding celebrations, it’s understandable if you’re stumped.

Hence we recommend couples to decide their budget and choose a venue that fits their style. Here are some important elements to consider while picking Seychelles as your wedding location.

Pick a Wedding Date in advance

The most famous venues in Seychelles are normally booked twelve to eighteen months in advance. You can choose if the location or the date of your wedding is more essential to you. You might not be able to book your preferred venue on a specific day.

Especially if you are an expat; before you marry in Seychelles it is preferable to visit Seychelles because you will have more location alternatives or book a local wedding planner.

Choose a venue that matches your style

Your vision and goal for the venue should take precedence. You want to consider an indoor location, such as hotels, ballrooms, or country clubs. Another alternative is to use open space and create your own type of venue.

People often make the mistake of choosing an expansive location and spending a fortune to make it look full and decorated for outdoor gatherings. As an expat; ensuring that you are marrying with the right space in mind is essential.

Read Customer Reviews and Request Recommendations:

Request suggestions from family and friends who can provide you with an unbiased opinion on weddings in the Seychelles. Many wedding venues and vendors have their own websites where you may browse reviews and make decisions.

Knowing how a specific venue handles events will make your big day less stressful and give you more control. Make sure you ask questions ahead of time, such as whether you can have a firework display at the end of the day. In this way, you’re getting close to deciding on your ideal location.

If you are an expat couple; with questions that our unanswered about your wedding in Seychelles. We recommend you book a call with our team of expert wedding planners.

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