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Pregnancy before marriage in Abu Dhabi

UAE New Laws 2021- Pregnancy before marriage in Abu Dhabi

Over 200 nationalities are represented in the UAE. As a result, the UAE has one of the largest percentages of expats in the world.

The major expatriate groups in the country are Indians and Pakistanis. In the United Arab Emirates, 461,000 Westerners dwell, accounting for 5.1 percent of the overall population.

However; with that said; the UAE laws were still extremely strict about pregnancy before marriage and not suitable for the western culture. This has considered many westerners to rethink their decision of considering the UAE as their permanent home.

In this article; we discuss what pregnancy before marriage and giving birth to a child outside wedlock in Abu Dhabi could mean with the new law.

What used to previously happen to pregnant women in Abu Dhabi

There were many cases of unmarried women who fell pregnant in the past feared expulsion or imprisonment. Some expatriates opted for a shotgun wedding to avoid penalties or a termination in their home country.

Many low-wage workers who couldn’t afford to move, such as maids who were raped by their bosses, were forced to submit in secrecy and raise their children away from the authorities. Unmarried parents’ children are unable to obtain a birth certificate and are therefore ineligible for healthcare or education.

Until a year weeks ago, even with the new law change the status if pregnant women and their unborn child was still unclear.

New laws of child being born outside a wedlock

One of the most significant changes in the UAE’s legislative reforms announced on Saturday is a new criminal code.

The law decriminalizes consensual relationships outside of marriage and states that any kid conceived as a result of such a partnership will be acknowledged and cared for.

Any couple who has a child without marrying “will be required to marry or singly or jointly acknowledge the child and provide identification papers and travel documents in accordance with the laws of the country of which either is a national, taking into account the applicable laws of that nation,” according to Wam.

Concluding pregnancy before marriage in Abu Dhabi 2021

While this is suitable for less problematic situations, such as single couples who are legal workers or residents, it is not suitable for more complicated situations. But what if one or both of them are married, or even worse, undocumented?

Although the new regulations allow women to relax, we always advise couples to consider marriage if they are ready to start a family. This only adds to the delight of welcome the newest addition to the family.

While getting a date in the UAE courts or getting married online could take months, we recommend couples consider other countries, such as Georgia, as a preferable option.

Are you in a similar situation or know of someone going through pregnancy before marriage in Abu Dhabi; share this article with them.

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