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Top wedding destinations for foreigners to get married easily


Destination wedding is not only for the rich; but in today’s day and age it’s for those who wish to escape the mundane of their city lives and have an intimate wedding. With the number of expats living in Dubai; a fast wedding is quite common especially if both partners are from different countries and nationalities and struggle through the tough laws of the UAE.

If you are planning on getting married this year; here’s our top picks of countries where foreigners can get married easily.

1. Dubai

A destination wedding in Dubai is a glamorous and exotic alternative. The city’s spectacular monuments and breathtaking coastlines create stunning locations for wedding photographs.

Small personal wedding ceremonies of roughly 10 individuals to enormous multi-day wedding celebrations for hundreds or even thousands of guests, such as Indian weddings, are all common in Dubai. From mid-September until mid-May, or even later, the weather in Dubai is ideal for outdoor weddings.

2. Georgia

Georgia is slowly becoming the ‘go to’ choice among brides and grooms for a stress-free, stylish, and spectacular Georgian destination wedding. Moreover; its visa free for most residents in the UAE and other GCC country.

The time taken to land in Georgia is around 3.5 hours and couple can get married in a matter of just one day. All this without the interference of religion and nationality.

3. Seychelles

Beautiful tropical weather, serene beaches, and a strong French and British heritage are just a few of the attractions. The Seychelles are a beautiful wedding destination, with everything from quiet nature to active animals and stunning tropical splendor.

4. Malta

Malta’s historical buildings, sandy beaches, and opulent cathedrals make it an ideal location for a destination wedding. Getting married in Malta is lawful in the UAE and throughout the world. in recent years; Malta has also become increasing popular for same-sex marriages

5. Las Vegas

The qualifications for citizens of the United States are the same as for non-citizens, but you’ll have to pull together the papers and check all the boxes. You’ll need to bring identification and money to the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau. After that, it’s fairly straightforward.

A drive-thru wedding or a famous chapel ceremony are also options. Many chapels and hotels provide in-house photographers and florists, making things extremely easy for you. Remember to order your marriage certificate at the end of the process!

If any of these countries; are on your wish list of getting married; get in touch with our team to help you take this decision further.

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