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Unexpected Pregnancy in Dubai without Wedlock: The Latest Update about Laws

New rules regarding unexpected pregnancy out of wedlock and some other problems were introduced in the UAE last year. But the decriminalized pre-marital regulations are not always followed, according to attorneys and health professionals. This year however; the new law states that unmarried women can now give birth without any fear.

If you have an unexpected pregnancy and you are not married in the UAE, read the article until the conclusion.

Summary of Unexpected Pregnancy in Dubai Out of Wedlock

  • Pre-marital sex and living together with your partner without wedlock were decriminalized a few months earlier in accordance with the recent UAE law.
  • Couples can give birth outside a wedlock, provided the parents hold themselves accountable for the child.
  • Unmarried couples can get health insurance without marriage documents.
  • In order to register newborns, marriage documents will no longer be required.

Previous laws on unexpected pregnancy in Dubai without wedlock rules

Medical insurance and birth registration are the major areas for unmarried women with unexpected pregnancies. When a new mother is unable to provide a birth notification by the marriage certificate, hospitals might contact the police in order to consult with the Personal Status Court regarding birth registration. This information was given by two lawyers and three hospital staff.

“The man and woman must be married lawfully in order for their children to get legal recognition,” said the official UAE Government’s website in March.

With regards to health insurance, the Policy Regulations of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) are:

“Women out of wedlock and women unable to bear a baby are not subject to a maternity insurance cover.”

It is essential to note that DHA is unwilling to change these limitations Dubai Health Authority.

Concluding Unexpected Pregnancy in Dubai: The Latest Update about Laws

After researching and analyzing new trends and statistics, the official Reuters website released all this information last year.

There were just two possibilities. The new laws might be harsh if the government wants to make it a religious society. On the other hand, if a more liberal society is needed, you may expect more tolerance.

Luckily the government decided to be more tolerate and make these new reforms with the aim to make the UAE more feasible and attractive for expatriates.

If you know someone who is unmarried and experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, then share this valuable information with them. Moreover, refer them to us for the most suitable solution.

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