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Pregnant Women Flee UAE

Do unmarried Pregnant Women still Need to Flee UAE?

Due to the recent publication in the concerning pregnancy & wedding in the UAE and the increased number of questions we received, we wanted to post some more information about it. This article is only commenting on the original post and until the UAE authorities officially release a notice about it, we do invite everyone to consult a local lawyer to always comply with the local laws.

Original article: by Ashleigh Stewart the 30/04/21

Sumup of the article regarding UAE pregnancy laws

According the original website, the UAE are working towards a new policy concerning children born out of wedlock. So far, on the 04/05/21, no official comment has been made from the UAE authorities.

Previous Rules

Previously, it wasn’t allowed for any unmarried women to get pregnant. And in such conditions, the results could lead them to jail or even deportation. That’s why most unmarried pregnant women used to opt for a wedding service outside the UAE. Moreover, it was also not possible for the children to get their birth certificate if they were born to unmarried couples. This could lead to a lot of complications regarding education and healthcare services.

Last Social Reforms of the UAE

Last November 2020 the UAE issued social reforms where alcohol and suicide were decriminalized. Moreover, it also allows unmarried couples to live together. Now according to the latest news published by the Times UK, the UAE is working toward changing its policies concerning babies born out of wedlock.

The Latest News About Unmarried Pregnant Women in the UAE

According to the original article, the minister of presidential affairs and deputy prime minister Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed signed a legal order in response to the applications registered by unmarried couples. This should allow unmarried couples to apply for their children birth certificates without the need for a wedding certificate.

It’s important to bear in mind that the new legislation order demonstrates that the couple should have a marital relationship. But it won’t be enforced for the submission of birth certificate application. This could be understood as marrying before getting pregnant is not a legal requirement now.

It’s also important to note that this order certainly doesn’t mean that the country is allowing abortion or homosexuality. It’s just for the unmarried couples living together to have a baby without wedlock.

Other Important Points regarding the new UAE policies related to damilied

The authorities have also pointed out that it was never a crime for any unmarried mother to visit UAE. But living there and having a baby without wedlock was a crime. But now the landscape is changing and it’s a vision of the UAE to move with the pace that the changing world requires. It’s just the pathway of the country to move forward and to ease the foreigners living in the country.

We all know that UAE specially Dubai has the image of being the country that has the greatest number of ex-pats. That’s why it’s important to provide an environment where all the people can live easily to follow their beliefs and religions.

Final Words on Unmarried Pregnant Women Now Don’t Need to Flee UAE

The UAE is now moving forward with the vision to become a role model for the whole region. It is making reforms to offers a tolerant and liberal society where people from around the world can live peacefully and follow their religions.

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