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Wedding packages in Seychelles for Dubai residents

Wedding packages in Seychelles for Dubai residents

Seychelles has become increasingly accessible to visitors seeking not only beautiful beaches and idyllic resorts, but also a safe, beautiful, and active wedding destination, with four daily flights between Seychelles and the UAE; two from Abu Dhabi and two from Dubai, as well as great connections across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

You may also find out how to choose the best wedding package in the Seychelles.

Wedding in Seychelles for Dubai Residents

You don’t have to be from the Seychelles to marry there, however church or religious weddings in the Seychelles aren’t regarded legitimate unless accompanied by a civil ceremony. The civil ceremony can be held in either your home country or the Seychelles. You must apply to the Seychelles Civil Status Office in Victoria if you want to have a civil ceremony in the Seychelles.

With that said, the paperwork procedure for getting married in Seychelles is way less complex than getting married in Dubai especially if you or your partner belong to different religions and nationality.

Wedding packages in Seychelles

  • Paperwork marriage: If you only need to complete all of the legal documentation for your marriage and don’t have enough time for the ceremony, consider the GCC registration package.
  • Religious ceremonial packages: Many couples want to get married as per the tradition of their religion; if you come from a religious family and religion is significant to you; then you can choose from this package.
  • Formal ceremony packages: If you want your wedding to be one of the most unforgettable days of your life; add a wedding ceremony to commemorate this occasion.
  • Customized package: You can choose our Custom Wedding package if none of the other packages appeal to you. It allows you to customize your own bundle by picking and choosing the services you need from us.

Choosing a wedding package is influenced by a number of factors, including time, affordability, and the unique requirements that each couple has for their wedding day.

Final Verdict on getting married on the tropical beaches of Seychelles

Planning a Dubai is quite a tedious task; in comparison to planning a wedding in many other destinations; which includes Seychelles. The islands of Seychelles are a beautiful wedding destination, with everything from quiet nature to active animals and stunning tropical splendour.

If you still contemplating between a wedding in Seychelles from Dubai; allow us to help you make this fine decision; you wont regret it!

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