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What is the Best Way to Have a Cheap Wedding for GCC Expats in 2021

What is the Best Way to Have a Cheap Wedding for GCC Expats in 2021?

Getting married in Dubai can be very complicated depending upon your unique situation. At the same time, it can be very costly as well. From flowers to photographers, you’ll need to pay a lot more in the UAE. It’s completely safe to say that you can even have a lavish wedding that can cost you easily up to 1 million AED. Even if you go for a mid-range modest wedding then, you still need to arrange about 200,000 AED. Moreover, after COVID-19, you might not be able to have the experience you always dreamed of. So, if you are on a budget, then you have come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss the best way to have a cheap wedding for GCC expats in 2021.

The Usual Costs of a Wedding for GCC Expats in Dubai

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that requires commitment, effort, and a long time to plan everything. Most importantly it costs a lot of money depending upon the number of guests you want to invite.

Even people on a budget need to arrange at least 200,000 AED to accommodate everything. Our previous experience shows that a single guest can cost 1,000 to 1,500 AED (before COVID-19). Although now you will have a smaller number of guests because of COVID-19, it’s important to note that, now, because of the safety protocols and requirements a single guest can cost a lot more.

The Breakdown of Expenses to Get Married in Dubai in 2021

Most girls grow up with the idea of dreaming how they would look on the day of their wedding.

A simple wedding without even frills, fancies, and embroidery will cost at least 15,000 AED. The sky is not even the limit afterward. Finding a bridal dress under 10,000 AED is hard. Besides this, at least 10,000 AED will be added to shoes, making-up, and hair.

Not to mention the expense of your jeweler as much as you would want. The west brides usually need to spend 3,000 AED for their jewelry. In addition, the South-East Asian Brides typically spend about 5 000 to 30,000 AED.

On average 183,500 AED to 367,000 AED are added to the wedding by ladies of Arab expats in GCC.

  • 73,400 AED is the average cost of western marriages
  • The average cost of Emirati weddings is about 300,940 AED
  • The statistics are gathered from the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Bride Show

Final Words on What is the Best Way to Have a Cheap Wedding for GCC Expats in 2021

As you can see, it can cost you more than you ever think marrying in Dubai. By keeping it all basic, we propose cutting costs. Everything you do does not shake you monetarily, you cannot sustain it. Moreover, you can also opt for a destination wedding if you want to cut the cost drastically.

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