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How to Get Married Price – What Is the Actual Price of Getting Married in Dubai?


From photography to flowers everything costs more when it comes to getting married especially in Dubai. So much so that even common items cost an additional zero at the end. According to experts, many couples have to add yet even more zeros for the Price of Getting Married in Dubai. However, you can keep the costs down by booking cheaper venues and having small wedding gatherings. According to your budget, you can have a lavish wedding for AED 1 million, and a mid-range and budget wedding for AED 200,000. While there is no solid-state actual price of getting married in Dubai, here are some of the most important expenses that will allow you to have a rough idea about your total wedding cost.

The Costs of the Wedding Ceremony in Dubai

Weddings are not everyday matters. It requires effort, commitment, and time along with money. The wedding that takes place in family-style costs a lot more because of the large number of guests and big venues.

If you want to get married in Dubai and you are on a budget, you should still expect to spend at least  AED 200,000 to AED 500,000. Based on our previous experiences, it’s safe to say that the realistic budget for a decent wedding will be somewhere between AED 1,000 to AED 1,500 per guest.

The current situation of the world might save you from spending astronomical amounts. However, in normal conditions, if you invite about 200-150 guests, your wedding budget will easily reach about AED 300,000 only for the reception.

Other Expense While Getting Married in Dubai

Most females grow up with an image of fantasizing how they will look like on the day of their wedding.

A basic bridal without even embroidery, fancies and frills will cost at least AED 15,000. Afterward the sky’s even not the limit. It’s daunting to find a bridal under AED 10,000. Other than that, shoes, makeup and hair will easily add up at least AED 10,000.

Not to mention the cost of your jewelry that can cost as much as you want. Generally, the western brides can get their jewelry for about AED 3,000. Moreover, Arab brides for AED 5,000 and Southeast Asian brides usually spend AED 30,000

An Arab expatriates’ women all over GCC on average append AED 183,500 to AED 367,000 on the wedding.

Western weddings on average costs AED 73,400

The Emirati weddings on average costs AED 300,940

These stats are collected from the Bride Show Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Concluding How to Get Married Price – What Is the Actual Price of Getting Married in Dubai?

As you can see that getting married in Dubai can cost you more than you can imagine. We recommend you to cut the costs by keeping everything simple. Whatever you do make sure that it doesn’t shake you monetarily that you can’t sustain.

If you know someone getting married in Dubai soon, then share this information with them.

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