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Online Marriage Dubai – What Type of Wedding Certificate will You Get if You Can’t Get Married in Dubai and opt to Get Married Online?


Regardless of the current situation of the world, Dubai is not an ideal place to get married. It’s because of its long wedding procedure that sometimes can easily take months. But there are also many situations when you need to get married in the least possible time. So, in that situation getting married in Dubai is certainly not advisable in general cases. If you choose to get married online in that situation, have you ever wondered about the getting married online process and what type of wedding certificate you’ll get? We have compiled this article for you that will provide you with the answer to this question. So, keep on reading, so that you can go for your online wedding with peace of mind.

What Type of Wedding Certificate will You Get by Getting Married Online?

First of all, it’s just an online wedding for you and not for us. We’ll need to complete all the procedures traditionally from different institutions. The only difference is that you won’t be physically present in that procedure. Therefore, for you, it’s of course an online wedding. Moreover, by getting married online you’ll get a civil marriage contract. It will be apostilled and recognized internationally once the whole legalization process is completed. Which means that you will be able to use it to live as a family.

Important Consideration Before Online Wedding!

It’s important to note that your online wedding contract will not be religious. So, if you’re specifically looking for that then it might not work for you. But there are always workarounds and you can opt for a destination wedding or wait till your wedding process in the UAE gets completed.

Final Word on Online Marriage Dubai – What Type of Wedding Certificate will You Get if You Can’t Get Married in Dubai and opt to Get Married Online?

Getting Married online is one of the most convenient ways to get married. However, we’ll need to perform all the hefty work and we’ll do that happily for you.

If you want to opt for that then inform us by writing in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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