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Will UAE expats find winter weddings in Georgia cheaper

Will UAE expats find Winter Wedding in Georgia cheaper ?

The answer is ‘Yes’. Dubai by itself is extremely expensive for any size of a wedding; may that be in summers or the winters. With that said; since the weather gets a lot more cooler towards the month of December many couples opt to get married then.

Unlike most colder countries though, a beach wedding at a hotel in Dubai might lack the same celebratory vibes as most traditional winter weddings.

Additionally the real charm of a winter wedding is the snow, log fires, a cozy dinner, lights all around you; which helps you recreate the festive mood that winter gives. Hence it is recommended most couples who prefer the cold travel to have a winter wedding in Georgia.

Winters in Georgia

Georgia’s winters are cold and snowy, with average temperatures of 2-4C with occasionally the temperatures drop below zero. Those who enjoy seeing snow-covered towns would be disappointed with Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. However, other parts of the country, however, receive snow in the winter.

There are many other attractions in the winters to keep couples entertainment during the wedding days.

Cost of a Winter Wedding in Georgia

The months from November to February are considered to be off-season or low wedding season. This is a great time to save money on your wedding because many venues and vendors reduce their pricing.

The only exception you might find would be the Ski resorts. During the peak of the summer season in August-September, on the other hand, several venues raise their prices significantly.

However with that said, a winter wedding in Georgia would still turn out to be a lot more cost effective than a wedding in Dubai or any other GCC countries.

Travel to Georgia for your winter wedding

The best part of traveling to Georgia for GCC residents; is the fact that its visa free for most residents which makes it easy to travel back and forth.

Please keep in mind that if you choose a wedding in the area, you will need to budget for transportation. The cost of taxi services and transportation is determined by the distance travelled and the region visited (mountains cost more). Although it is difficult to estimate transportation costs in advance, we strongly advise that this topic and its cost not be overlooked.

Other cost for your winter wedding in Georgia

There are many tiny costs that would add up to your winter wedding apart from the ones mentioned above such as the cost of the actual wedding ceremony, the hotels, the flights, if you choose to have any sort of entertainment. Hence it is always advisable to choose a wedding specialist company to help you plan these tiny elements.

Moreover these companies have various packages to choose from which is inclusive of travel etc which makes it easier as a UAE expat to just get married and kept the rest of them.

Are you planning a winter wedding in Georgia; our team of experts can help you pull off a dream winter wedding at the budget you desire.

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