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Marriage in UAE on Visit Visa – Can You Get Married in Dubai on a Visit Visa?


By law, Dubai is an Islamic country. In Islam, a marriage certificate is a contract that safeguards the rights of both of the spouses. The expats of all nationalities can marry in Dubai and Muslims can do it in the Sharia court. It also issues their visas of residence. It is one of the most asked questions whether you can have Marriage in UAE on Visit Visa. This article contains all the important information that you need to know.

Things You Need to Know Regarding Getting Married in Dubai on a Visit Visa!

Muslims who are on visit visa can’t register for marriage at the sharia court. Moreover, non-Muslims need to contact their respective embassies to find all the necessary information under the Foreign Marriage Act. The requirements to marry on a visit visa can vary from nationality to nationality.

According to the UAE law, the man must be Muslim and a woman can be Non-Muslim but must be from the book religion.

Conditions Where a Visit Visa Can Work for Wedding!

The couple must have a legal and valid residency visa. Although, if the woman is entering Dubai on a visit visa along with her father or a legal guardian, then the residence visa of a male who wants to marry the girl with a visit visa will be enough. It will allow the couple to complete the marriage process.

Moreover, it will be necessary for the spouse who is on a visit visa (woman in the mentioned case) to present his/her medical screening report.

Whereas, if the man is on the visit visa, then the documents of the woman’s legal guardian (father, mother, brother, stepfather) will be necessary for the medical of the concerned man. If the wife is a widow or divorced then she’ll need to provide proof of her ex or deceased husband.

There is another unique case that states, if the woman is Muslim and her father or legal guardian is a Non-Muslim, then a no objection letter from her embassy or consulate must be submitted. Moreover, the couple will also need to get the no-objection certificate ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It should also have legal Arabic translation.

If the woman is Jew or Christian, then her guardian, father, or legal guardian’s deputy must also be present. If it’s not possible then the judge can also act as her legal guardian. The couple will also be needing two witnesses.

There’re some final checks that the couple will also need to complete such as the requirements from their origin countries. For example, the authorization of marriage, social status proof, and any other document. Other than that, the copies of the original passports of the couple and bride’s guardian. Additionally, the proof of IDs of two witnesses is also necessary.

Concluding Marriage in UAE on Visit Visa – Can You Get Married in Dubai on a Visit Visa?

These are some of the basic rules and conditions that you want to meet to get married in Dubai on a visit visa. The best way to find all the detailed conditions and set of rules, you can visit your respective embassy.

If you want help with your case then let us know by commenting down below. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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