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Court marriage in Dubai for Indian

The Definitive Guide for: Court marriage in Dubai for Indian nationals

Over 3,420,000 Indian expats are believed to live in the UAE, accounting for more than 38% of the country’s overall population. The UAE’s construction, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation sectors all rely heavily on Indians. Professional services and business are pursued by a sizable minority of Indian migrants.

What does this all mean ?

In simple words; with a huge majority of Indians that work in the UAE; it is only natural to meet the one, fall in love and plan to get married. This article focusses on Indian nationals planning a Dubai court marriage however a more definitive guide can be found in how to get married in Dubai court.

Requirements at the Dubai Court to get married for Indians

  • You’ll need to give notice if you’re planning a wedding.
  • You and your partner, regardless of country, will need a marriage declaration from the corresponding consulate with an authenticated sworn affidavit.
  • You’ll also need a number of passport-size photographs to paste on the form.
  • To complete the marriage process, one of the couples must have a Dubai (UAE) resident visa.
  • Two Indian citizens will be required as witnesses, as well as their original and valid passports.
  • Along with the Indian national eyewitnesses; you and your partner, must be physically present on the day of form submission and the day of the marriage solemnization.
  • You will be given the structure and wording of the article that you must have published in an English newspaper about India.
  • The date of the marriage solemnization will be determined based on the receipt of the NOC and the dissemination of the announcement. To complete the wedding process, you and your partner, as well as the witnesses, must be present at the marriage office on that day.

More details on how to get married in Dubai court can be found at the Consulate General of India

Getting married in Dubai Court if one partner is Indian and the other from another nationality

  • An Indian national marries a foreign national he/she will be subject to the laws of their home country.
  • The spouse will be required to have a valid Dubai resident visa for this purpose.
  • If one of the spouses has a visit visa, he or she must undergo a thorough medical examination before marrying in the UAE.

For an Indian national marrying a foreign national the documents might be a bit more lengthier however it definitely possible.

In Conclusion for Indians planning on getting married in Dubai Court

The process of getting married in Dubai court can be a bit challenging with the laws being this strict however its all worth the effort once you marry the partner of your dreams.

If you are an Indian national planning on getting married at the Dubai Court and are struggling with the paperwork; feel free to book us in for a quick consultation

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