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How to get married cheap in Dubai for GCC expats: 8 PRO TIPS


Many GCC expat couples, according to experts, will have to add even more zeros to the cost of getting married in Dubai. Simply because everything costs more when it comes to getting married, especially in Dubai, from photography to flowers. So much so that even simple things now have a zero added to the total price. However, you can cut costs by choosing less expensive locations and hosting smaller wedding gatherings.

Just because you live in one of the most expensive; doesn’t mean every couple wants to spend a bomb on getting married. This article mainly focusses how to get married cheap in Dubai by bringing your cost down to bare minimum. Additionally, we have also put together a similar article what is the actual price of getting married in Dubai.


Weddings aren’t something that happens every day. Along with money, it demands energy, attention, and time. Because of the enormous number of guests and large locations, a family-style wedding costs significantly more than a wedding with a smaller intimate gathering.

Even if you are on a tight budget, you should expect to spend at least AED 200,000 to AED 500,000 on your wedding in Dubai. Based on our past experiences, we estimate that a reasonable budget for a decent wedding will be between AED 1,000 and AED 1,500 per attendee.

With the recent pandemic; more and more couples are opting for a smaller wedding with just the immediate family members and possibly a few friends. However; it was very common previously, families would invite nothing less than 150-200 guests, which immediately would bump up the wedding expenditure to AED 300,000 just for the reception.


The majority of females grow up fantasizing about how they will look on their wedding day.

Whether the fabric is silk or not, the price of a wedding gown in Dubai is likely to range from AED 3,000 to 20,000. Some brides would rather spend as much money on a designer gown from one of Dubai’s many shops than on a traditional bridal gown.

The cost of each make-up look is determined by the day or evening look, as well as the number of hours the make-up artist put together. The typical cost of make-up is AED 400 while the bridal package is AED 750, which includes a bridal make-up trial.

Not to mention the expense of your jewelry, which can be as expensive as you want it to be. Western brides should expect to pay around AED 3,000 for their jewels. Furthermore, Arab brides cost AED 5,000, whereas Southeast Asian brides cost AED 30,000.

Because weddings in Europe and the United States culture are often small events attended by no more than 50-200 guests, a western wedding costs only around 20,000 USD. Weddings in India or the United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, are frequently attended by hundreds, if not thousands, of people; the average Emirati wedding costs 82,000 USD.

Aside from the amount of guests, your expenses will fluctuate according to the seasons.


1. Plan a weekday wedding

Did you know that some venues charge a fee for weddings held on weekends? The time of year makes a difference as well.

2. A budget friendly cake

If you’re not the type of bride who has always fantasized about a 10-tier wedding cake, skip this step. Request that your cake decorator create a cake that is large enough to serve the amount of guests expected.

3. Ask for discounts and shop on discounts

Brides usually get tons of discounts from various vendors; don’t shy away from asking for those. Book your bridal makeup artist during off peak season; which usually turns out to be cheaper and also watch out for bridal shops and online bridal platforms and the months they have discounts.

4. DIY decor and wedding ideas

Candle votives, candelabras, and mason jars are easy to get and less expensive than hiring. This is where Pinterest comes in. It’s a fantastic resource for finding do-it-yourself wedding ideas.

5. Smart floral arrangements

It’s not always a terrible idea to use smaller or less expensive floral arrangements as centerpieces. Your wedding venue may be able to provide centerpieces, floral arrangement packages, or referrals to florists or stylists with whom they work. Do your research and comparison shop, however.

6. A smaller guestlist

Here’s another difficult issue. I understand that your parents are adamant about inviting Uncle Raj, Aunty Renuka, or other distant family or friend you haven’t seen in years. Isn’t it true that you have no idea who they are? Catering may be quite expensive these days, so if you and your parents are looking for ways to save money, this might be a good place to start.

7. Stick to your budget for photography, videography and entertainment packages

I’m sure you have a favourite photographer or filmmaker whose work you adore but can’t afford their services. Inquire whether they have a second photographer or videographer on staff. Instead of hiring two photographers, hire just one. Hire a smaller band or just one DJ, as well as professional Bollywood dancers – those are your buddies, right?

8. Hire the services of wedding planners on a affordable budget

Hire the services of a professional wedding planner if you’re absolutely lost and don’t know where to begin. Your wedding planner will stick to your budget, keep track of notes, develop calendars and timelines, and make sure everything goes smoothly. You will save time and money by using them.

If you know someone planning on getting married in Dubai on a budget, then share this information with them.

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