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How to get married if I'm pregnant in the UAE 2021

How to Get Married if I’m Pregnant in the UAE in 2021

We all know that the UAE is home to many foreigners who come to this region of the world to improve their living standards. But along with the benefits that the UAE offers, you also need to deal with some downsides. One of the major costs that foreigners experience is the strict rules and regulations especially regarding marriage, pregnancy, and cohabitation without wedlock. UAE updated these laws recently, but according to the latest studies, you still need to provide a marriage certificate if you want to have a baby with official birth certification and medical insurance coverage. That’s why we’ll discuss the most asked question which is “how to get married if I’m pregnant in the UAE in 2021”.

Complications that You can face in the UAE to Get Married if You’re Pregnant

As mentioned, even after the issuance of new laws, you might still experience some complications if you are pregnant without wedlock. Getting medical insurance and registering your newborn for a birth certificate can be very difficult. Hospitals can still call the law enforcement agencies to discuss your case with the Personal Status Court.

According to one of the official government websites of the UAE, the couple must provide a legitimate marriage certificate if they want to get a legal birth certificate of their baby. Moreover, according to the DHA (Dubai Health Authority), medical insurance doesn’t cover unmarried maternity care. Bear in mind that DHA still doesn’t have any plans to update these rules.

The Danger Zone for Unmarried Pregnant Women in the UAE in 2021

Be aware of the considerable length that might potentially take several weeks for the marriage procedure in the UAE. Furthermore, it can also potentially take up to four months depending on your nationality and the particular scenario. Now, with COVID-19, it is likely that they will also stay midway when you have to legalize and provide any more documents from your home country. Your pregnancy will be noticeable at this period, which might cost you more than what you anticipated.

Moreover, while you are pregnant, you continually have to see the doctor. That’s why it’s critical to get married as soon as possible and the best and fastest way to achieve it is to opt for a destination wedding.

The Easiest Way to Get Married if I’m Pregnant in the UAE in 2021

As mentioned above, opting for a destination wedding can be your best choice. Two of the most common and most effective options are getting married in Georgia or Seychelles. Not only will you receive a legitimate marriage certificate but the whole process can be easily completed within days.

It’s important to keep in mind that according to the latest rules, unmarried pregnancy is not a crime anymore in the UAE. But still, you don’t want to fall victim to a situation where you are not able to get a legal birth certificate or maternity care insurance.

Final Words on How to Get Married if I’m Pregnant in the UAE in 2021

The best practice is to still get married if you want to plan a baby. It becomes even more important if you’re already pregnant to provide your newborn with the best possible medical services in the UAE. The new laws can undoubtedly help you to avoid imprisonment or any other punishment. But not having a marriage certificate while you’re pregnant can cause many unwanted situations.

If you are in a similar situation and want to get married in the UAE then let us know today. We’ll provide you with the fastest possible solution within no time.

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