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How to get married in Abu Dhabi – Insight for expats in Dubai


Dubai has been a good host for many individuals who wish to visit or make a living within its zone. This is why it is a very popular destination for many expats. Most times, expats who are either tourists or residents fancy the idea of marriage in the city. But choosing and learning how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court might be more profitable for such couples.

In 2021, the government set up new marriage laws that will be favorable to foreigners. This law is designed to also benefit tourists and temporary residents. We will learn how Abu Dhabi makes this law beneficial for couples.

The perks of marriage in the Abu Dhabi court

The new marriage laws in Abu Dhabi are aimed at ensuring that couples can have more options available to them rather than being compelled to have a religious marriage. The couples are required to meet the following conditions for marriage in Abu Dhabi:

  • The consent of the bride
  • Being up to the legal age of 18
  • Not having any previous marriage in existence

If the couple meets all these standards, then they can have a civil wedding in the Abu Dhabi court. Note that, unlike the Sharia marriage, the couple does need a compulsory medical screening nor do they require the approval of the bride’s father for marriage to proceed.

More benefits for couples who wish to marry in Abu Dhabi

Couples who want to learn how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court should note that Abu Dhabi is filled with endless opportunities. The formal ceremony is completed through a series of simple procedures. Couples can even begin processing the ceremony without being physically present in the country.

In conclusion, Abu Dhabi is a great destination for Dubai expats. Since the distance is not far, couples can be physically present on the day when the certificate is issued.

A good number of couples have processed their marriage in Abu Dhabi and you can do the same. If the prospect of getting married in Abu Dhabi seems good to you, book a consultation with our wedding team for more information.

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