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The prerequisites for an easy wedding in Dubai


Recently, Dubai has seen an increase in expats trooping into the emirate for business and relocation purposes. Many of these expats believe that the emirate holds a lot of prospects. For this and many other reasons, they pitch their tents in Dubai.

If the expats want to marry in Dubai, they need to learn the conditions and must-haves for Muslims and non-Muslims. These requirements are vital to the success of any marital union in the emirate. This post examines the terms for marriage in Dubai.

Marriage for Muslims in Dubai

The marriage process for Muslims in Dubai proceeds according to Sharia law. In addition, none of the parties must be twice the age of their partner. Below is a lineup of other essential specifications:

  • The bride must approve of the marriage
  • The bride’s father or his representative must be present with two other male witnesses.
  • A pre-marriage medical screening result.
  • The couple must be above the age of 18.
  • Translation of documents in foreign languages to Arabic.

The couple will purchase a marriage application form and fill it up with some important details. If the officers discover that any of the parties has a transferable or genetic blood disease, the marriage might not hold.

Marriage for non-Muslims in Dubai

The reality is that there are no existing conditions for a civil marriage in Dubai. Couples can only marry in their religious houses or at their embassies. However, there is a provision for civil marriage in Abu Dhabi. Non-Muslim couples should submit the following online or in person to the Judicial Department of the family court in Abu Dhabi:

  • The emirate ID(s)
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate of a former spouse and divorce certificate, if any.

Note that these listed requirements are also required for marriage between Muslims. At least one of the persons who want to marry should live in Dubai and the pre-marriage screening is a must.

The prospects for non-Muslims who want an easy wedding in Dubai

The consideration so far has shown that marriage for non-Muslims entails requirements that many might not be able to meet. Also, the fact that couples have to travel to Abu Dhabi for a proper civil marriage might also not appeal to some. Given this fact, the couple should explore other options like a wedding in Georgia, Seychelles, or Online.

The three mentioned routes for marriage above are smooth and have easy legal requirements. What is more? The process is very fast and can be concluded in two weeks for most cases. Couples who want a combination of speed, a hassle-free procedure, and exciting prospects can take advantage of these good wedding destinations.

Dubai expats who want an easy wedding in Dubai might want to consider Seychelles, Georgia, or the Online procedure. Book a consultation with our amazing theme for the best possible results.

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