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Bachelor party in Dubai

What are the pros and cons of hosting a bachelor party in Dubai?

Throwing a bachelor party before the wedding is becoming a tradition around the globe. But making that bachelor party memorable and cherishing the moments for life is the hype you need to plan for. Congratulations to all the grooms-to-be. If you are a UAE resident, Dubai is an excellent destination for bachelor parties. But you and your friends must respect the laws and not break the rules.

While a bachelor party in Dubai can be a memorable experience, you could also face penalties and jail time if you break even a single law. This sounds like restraining, doesn’t it? It is wise to read the rules before travelling to Dubai with friends to have a bachelor party. Let us understand the Pros and Cons of having a Bachelor Party in Dubai are?


All Friends Can Mix

Your friends can have a fun casual night together so that they will not get awkward or uncomfortable during your group dance at the wedding. Also, it allows friends to get to know each other better. You never know; your childhood friend and roommate might become best friends.

Luxurious Venues

Dubai is the perfect place to find art and culture. You can update your Instagram from any location. The bachelor party services in Dubai are exceptional.

Delicious Food

Unquestionably, Middle Eastern food is unique in its own right. Middle east food is a favourite of many people. Dubai is home to some fantastic restaurants that serve delicious food.


Expensive Food

Food is often quite expensive, even though it can be delicious. If you book luxury hotels or resorts, you will need to pay many taxes. You will most likely spend a lot of money on a small number of people.

Alcohol Restrictions

You might not be able to pay the total price for the food you ordered. Dubai’s alcohol restrictions are one of the main reasons. You are not permitted to drink in public, and you are also prohibited from being intoxicated in public.

PDA – A Big NO

Dubai has strict restrictions on PDA. While walking down the streets, you can’t use profane or vulgar words. This means you have to look after your drunk friends, and if they do something wrong, you may be held responsible.

These troubles can be avoided in Georgia. It is a great place to host bachelor parties. There are no alcohol restrictions, and, surprise! Marijuana was legalized back in 2018.

Conclusion to choosing Dubai as your bachelor party destination

While Dubai has many perks; there are many restrictions to just let you hair down and have a super night. However; just about 3 hours away from Dubai is Georgia; which offers what Dubai does not.

Georgia has a beautiful combination of locations that make it an excellent destination for a getaway to celebrate a special occasion. The best part, Georgia is only 3 hours away from most GCC nations, making it easy to host bachelor parties for UAE residents.

This makes Georgia an excellent destination for bachelor parties where you can have wild fun with your friends.

Contemplating about your bachelor party in Dubai; get in touch with our team and find out what the best options are

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