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Why is it difficult to marry under the sharia law

Challenges facing expats from different nationalities: Why is it difficult to marry under Sharia Law

Sharia Law makes it difficult for couples that belong to different nationalities to get married. This law allows a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman, but an Islamic woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man unless proof of his conversion to Islam has been provided.

In this article; we shed lights on the challenges and difficulties of marrying under Sharia and recommend suggestions to our expat couples.

Is it Difficult to Marry under Sharia Law in Dubai with these Requirements? 

The following requirements need to be met before a Muslim and non-Muslim can be paired up under Sharia law:

  • UAE Sharia courts must register marriage contracts.
  • As per Sharia law, a Muslim man can marry a non-muslim woman but is not acceptable to a Muslim woman.
  • Online registration of a couple is required through the Dubai court website. The issued reference number at the time of registration must be brought to the court. 
  • One partner should be a resident of the UAE for the contract. The parties must have their Emirates id and passports for their identity verification.
  • Both partners’ ages must not be below 18 years.
  • Required premarital certifications must clearly demonstrate that they do not have serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, thalassemia, etc. 
  • The bride’s father along with two male Muslim witnesses are required.
  • If the father is deceased, the next closest male guardian must be there.
  • If the women are divorced or widowed, they need to submit the status of proof.
  • If the bride’s father is Non-muslim and the bride is a Muslim, she must have a ‘No Objection’ letter from her embassy or consulate.
  • All the documents must be endorsed by the relevant embassies before presenting to the Court.

Final thoughts on Choosing Abu Dhabi for marriage VS Marry under Sharia Law in Dubai:

Although Dubai is a city of extravagant places where many tourists, both Muslim and non-Muslim expats, love to travel there. But still, getting married there under Sharia law is a bit more complicated and lengthy. So, most expats of different ethnicities choose Abu Dhabi as a top choice due to the fact that immigrants of different faiths are permitted to marry under certain circumstances.

Or the next best option for mixed couples if to opt for destinations such as Georgia, Seychelles that offer the best paperwork and ceremonial weddings. The same can then be attested in the UAE & other GCC countries.

Let us help you organize a stress-free wedding and choose an easy-going destination place for you!

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