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Words of advise on how to get married in Dubai for Filipino


There are specific rules and procedures to be followed in order for a marriage to be valid for expats in the UAE. Because of restrictions on travel and work commitments, the pandemic has altered the dynamics of marriage greatly. Many expatriates now get married in the emirates themselves. In this sense, Dubai court marriages are performing a vital role in establishing marriages for all nationalities of the world that are valid not just in the UAE, but also in the country of origin.

According to a report from The National News, Filipinos make up the third-largest population of the expat community in the UAE. Working in many sectors in the UAE, they also make up an important part of the workforce there and without a doubt contribute greatly to the UAE’s economy.

In pandemic times, it may seem daunting to conduct a civil marriage, but it is possible by following proper steps and procedures. This article discusses the challenges Filipinos face in how to get married in Dubai and apply for their validated marriages in the UAE.

What you need to get married for Filipino nationals

You need to make sure that you have finished all the paperwork and documents. If you don’t you’ll find yourself treading water. When your big day nears, you feel overwhelmed and a bundle of nerves.

Philippines couples are required to submit documents that have been approved and attestation by various authorities. It is recommended that you read the following criteria, learn about the various wedding packages to marry legally before selecting your perfect outfit.

Requirements for Filipinos getting married in Dubai

  • Marriage applications for both spouses
  • One joint affidavit form
  • One marriage announcement form
  • An official marriage report

What should be included for Filipino to get married in the Dubai

  • Recent passport size photos of bride and groom
  • NSO CENOMAR certificate with DFA authentication
  • Parents’ consent authenticated by DFA
  • Original passport and passport copies
  • Visa and Emirates ID of both bride and groom
  • Parents’ advice authenticated by DFA
  • Civil status certificate from the consulate or embassy for the applicant living in Dubai
  • Pre-marriage certificate certifying the health of the bride and groom.

Filipinos and other nationalities are required to have a residence permit. They can also be granted a tourist visa. In order to start the process of registering a marriage in the UAE, a couple can contact a lawyer to help them obtain a resident visa.

One of the things that we most often experience as Filipinos are that most of them are already married. Divorce is illegal. In instances like these, especially for women with their ex-husbands’ names on their passports, UAE is not an option. That’s because proof of singleness or divorce is needed. And nearly every country doesn’t accept such cases.

You should, however, let our team know about your situation in order to see if anything can be done.

Words of Advice: How to get married in Dubai for Filipino

Like many nationalities, Filipinos are also able to get married in Dubai. All you need to do is complete all the legal requirements and all the documentation. The process might take some time and effort.

We’d love to hear from Filipinos who are interested in getting married in Dubai in the comments section below. We will get in touch with you right away.

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