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Everything couples need to know about a civil wedding in the UAE

Everything couples need to know about a civil wedding in the UAE

Couples in Dubai often wish to have a civil wedding because of the protection it offers to all parties in the marriage. With the new 2021 wedding law, it is no longer difficult for couples to have a civil wedding in the UAE. But some couples might wonder how to go about their civil marriage.

It is important that couples learn everything about the process because this knowledge will help them to finish the process in no time. In the course of this text, couples will learn all the necessary steps for a civil wedding in the UAE.

Where and how does this marriage take place?

A civil marriage in the UAE takes place in Abu Dhabi so couples who live in other emirates will have to go there. The marriage takes place in an effortless manner. To begin, couples need to fulfill the necessary documentation. Some key documents that the partners will need are;

  • Passports
  • A completed form for marriage
  • Emirate’s ID (if available)
  • Proof of no current marriage. This could be in the form of the death certificate of a late mate or a divorce certificate.

After they secure these documents, the couple will file for marriage at the Judicial Department of the civil marriage court. The officials will assign them a date that they can conclude all the proceedings.

Summary of the civil marriage process in the UAE

As you can see, civil marriage in the UAE is not complicated. The express marriage takes place in one day if the couple knows what to bring. This text has explained the important documents and steps that couples need. So, all couples in Dubai and other UAE emirates can take advantage of this provision when they decide to marry.

Marriage in the Abu Dhabi court is legal and recognized by all governments. Even so, tourist couples should translate and notarize their certificate when it is issued.

If you wish to learn more about civil marriage arrangements in the UAE, book a consultation with our wedding team. They have the most current information on the best steps to take.

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