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UAE: Couples tie the knot on Valentine’s Day under Abu Dhabi’s new marriage law


Abu Dhabi creates history by marrying several couples under the new personal laws; over the Valentines weekend. The law was signed by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, the President of the United Arab Emirates. This is the Emirates’ first civil law addressing non-Muslim family concerns.

Inside Valentines day at the Abu Dhabi court

Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, some 60 marriage petitions were filed in Abu Dhabi courts. On February 14, several of them married under the new civil marriage statute. Since the UAE Capital enacted the new law this month, enabling civil marriages in Abu Dhabi for the first time, 102 marriage applications have been submitted.

The team at Easy Weddings was thrilled to be featured in the Khaleej times after supporting dozens of couples with their marriage journey. Previously due to the complexity of the laws and marriage situations; couples were offered to get married in Seychelles and Georgia; but now Abu Dhabi has definitely opened more doors for love without border.

“Being citizens of the world, we never understood why a love story could become such a headache when it comes to making it official. After living abroad for the last 10 years, we are deeply concerned by the high number of people not able to start a family for documentation issues. Our efforts are here to bring international people together. When there is love, there is a solution to find. If there is none, we will make one”

said Florian Ughetto, Co-founder and Manager.

Marriage in UAE for foreigners

The new rule, which controls expats’ and foreigners’ family concerns, also allows tourists to finalize civil marriage contracts in Abu Dhabi. The law allows non-Muslims to marry, divorce, and have shared child custody under the country’s civil law. Previously, non-Muslims in the UAE had to marry in their country’s embassy or consulate.

The goal of this move is to provide a flexible and advanced judicial mechanism for the determination of non-Muslim personal status disputes, thus enhancing the Emirate’s position and global competitiveness as one of the most attractive destinations for talent and skills

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, 2021

Choosing to marry in the Abu Dhabi

While marriage in the UAE for foreigners has certainly become easy; couples might still face ongoing challenges if their situation is complicated. We often advise to speak to legal expert who can help you get married with the right documentation and paperwork.

Want to know more about a marriage in UAE for foreigners; book a call with our team.

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